How PN Counture Works

PN Couture is striving to become one of the top tailors of Hoi An while maintaining affordable prices. Keeping production in our own hands and buying fabrics directly from manufacturers while reducing other unnecessary costs, work efficiently and taking good care of our employees will help us reach that goal.

Our service procedure:

1. Choose your design

Tell the members of our staff what it is that you wish to be made and then choose a design. We will always be on hand to assist you with advice or in the form of our many catalogs and the internet which are at your disposal.

2. The details

Details are often overlooked but when it comes to achieving perfection they are vital. Our staff will discuss even the smallest of details of the design of your suit, dress or other purchase with you to ensure the final product will be what you expected. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

3. The fabric

Once the design is ready you can choose a fabric. We have a vast range of fabrics for you to choose from. Feel free to touch the samples and ask questions about the quality.

4. Measurement

After choosing a fabric you will be measured. There may be many measurements in order to get all the details right, but this will all add to the quality of your purchase.

5. Fittings

After the measurements our tailors will get to work. They work swiftly and the first fitting will be the next day, if suitable with you, the customer. Alterations will be made after the fitting and more fittings and alterations might follow until you are satisfied with your product.

6. Finished

Once you are satisfied with the result of the work of our team, you can take your purchase with you or we can deliver it to your hotel.